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Data Warehouse Business Requirement Report template

This template is used for producing the final report at the end of business requirement gathering phase in Data Warehouse initiative. As per Execution-MiH, this is most challenging and critical phase, as unlike a transactional systems, the requirements tend to be loose and changing as the information needs for business are fairly dynamic. Therefore one has to look under the business needs defined by business and go for the models which can handle the possible changes in these requirements.
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Data Warehouse Business Requirement Report Template is the final output of the Data Warehouse Business Requirement Phase . This captures the business requirements in terms of themes, analytics, dimensions (in business terms), measures etc to a level of detail good enough to proceed for Data Warehouse Dimensional Modeling Phase.

When is Data Warehouse Business Requirement Report template used?

Business Requirement report template starts getting filled-up after “Business Requirement findings and outcomes reports” are published to all the stakeholders and we have a fair semblance of the individual pieces of business requirements.

What it contains?

This reports contains the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the detailed business requirements?
  • Are they complete enough to meet the business themes behind this project?
  • Does the scope stands enhanced or changed?
  • What are the revised priorities and scope?
  • To what extent the revised scope and priorities impact on money, time and effort?
  • What is the revised project plan?

Who uses it?

This report is generated by the project manager with a significant input from the business analysts, people responsible for dimensional modeling and development personnel.

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DC- DW Business Requirement Report template.doc  

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