Cash is going to scarce and precious in the new world order, with a high possibility of stagnation/recession, before the recovery happens. Even for companies that have a high-growth opportunity like technology and online e-commerce and content companies, it is important to protect their cash. We work with you on the following cash-protection agenda. By being cash-rich (or cash-sufficient), your enterprise not only ensures survival but also in the best readiness to exploit any emerging opportunity.

Cash & Carry Sales

We build strategies to ensure greater cash & carry and lesser On-Credit Sale. It is not easy to shift your customers from credit-based sales to cash & carry sales. However, the level of importance will drive your enterprise in that direction. Techniques include cash-discounts, small-batch on-demand sales, and distribution, developing more competitive & attractive C & C products, developing new C &C Channels.

For Sales on credit, we help you create tighter sales credit policies with more intense diligence and credit-caps for customers and segments. In the cash-strapped economy, customers are going to insist on credit, and a more stringent policy will mean lesser business, which is compensated by more powerful sales-engine and better products

For Sales on credit, we help you build a stronger and more intense payment collections mechanism. This includes more resources on collections, establishing pro-active reminders, doing more physical visits, adopting a multi-channel collections approach, highly frequent follow-ups even if there is a promise to pay, and much more.

We help you evolve vendor-mix & commercials with longer average payment terms. We adopt a multi-pronged approach including widening the vendor-base, creating competition, aggressive negotiation, and minimum order commitments, to have an overall increase in the days of credit from suppliers.

We work with you to achieve more aggressive and non-negotiable limits on working capital, per sales dollar. The techniques include more in-time purchase, intelligent demand & delivery planning, frequent clearing of aged items, cash-discounts and supplier payment terms extension.

We help bring in the cash-protection culture by general tightening of cash-spending norms and approval matrix. This includes reducing the sign-off limits, more intense scrutiny of cash spend, and reducing cash-imprest levels.

We help place more aggressive financial control with cash-based accounting and cash-flow statements, instead of accrual-based accounting. To take it one step further- cash-accounting for receivables & income, and accrual accounting for payables & expenses.