Companies need to be ruthless in cutting their operational cost (while enhancing quality & delivery) and focus more resources on sales, products, and building differentiators.

We aggressively pursue holistic automation road-map with an objective of automating all process-oriented, low or medium-low skilled operations- as long as they meet the business case. Automation is the core enabler for efficient, integrated, and high-quality delivery.

We work with you for greater outsourcing is done of all process-driven, low/medium-low skilled operations to vendors where the total cost of operations is lower than doing it internally. The outsourcing strategy considers the variability of cost, criticality & quality requirements, pricing, and ease of operational transfer.

We help you create a strong operational 'back-bone' where we identify and integrate all operations not needing a face to face interactions with the customers. With extensive use of technology, communication & collaboration networks we create a virtual operational ecosystem. This road-map has three steps- Centralize, Synergize, and Optimize, leading to significant cost-reduction, efficiency, and robustness.

Develop methods for a continued value-engineering for better products, with low raw-material and utility consumption. Further strip out low value-add high-cost features to make more competitive products. This continuous improvement is made highly process-oriented and method-driven.

We help you with quicker re-engineering of operational and manufacturing processes including eliminating non-value-add tasks,  Simplification, Reducing hand-offs and Removing de-duplication & overlaps.