Your Business must have survivability in the events of financial melt-downs, pandemics, wars, technology disruptions, and regulatory changes. We work with you to ensure a high level of shock-resistance and survivability.

We create payout policies, with greater performance-linked variable compensation models for employees and contractual manpower. We help you slash or maintain fixed payouts while allowing a healthy variable comp for well-performing employees.  

We redefine your purchase & consumption models with more variable pay-per-use services, like subscription-based software, document management services, or have hybrid contracts giving the best of both worlds (low expenses on low use, and expense-cap for high use). We also help shift existing fixed cost vendors to variable or hybrid models.

We take a holistic look on your expense structure and help you with a two-pronged strategy. First is to significantly reduce your expense, and then making a fair proportion of your expenses variable. The ultimate objective is to reduce cash break-even (Cash PBT) point to below 50% (say) of your delivery capacity/normal sales levels or at least 25% below the industry benchmark.

Very few business models have uniform demand and supply cycles. We make your business model flexible by devising an optimum outsourcing approach, where you can transfer variable demand-linked activities to external vendors. This will give you an ability to scale-up or scale-down operations as per the demand. The techniques include more contractual manpower within your own operations, redistribute non-core activities, and using online platforms for back-end activities.

Having limited (or a single) suppliers for your critical operations are an inherent risk. We help you create and execute an aggressive multi-vendor approach for all core activities and supplies. This includes 3 layers (strategic, tactical, and back-up) vendor-mix, hot plating vendor in case of emergencies, redistributing the supply positions across vendors to maintain competition, and vendor loyalty.

Leaving your destiny in the hands of a few customers is among the most severe risks to business stability. We help you widen your customer base and widen your customer concentration curve (%age of business from the top 20% customers). With more powerful sales engines, wider product portfolio, and extensive customer relationship to maximize share of wallet- you will build a more sustainable and stable business model.