Successful Companies in the new world order have to create highly agile and responsive operational structures to drive their critical transformation agenda. They will need to cut across functional silos and establish highly integrated platforms to deliver with extra speed & accuracy. We work with progressive companies to establish these governance models for a make-it-happen enterprise.

We help establish war-room for enterprise-level coordination to manage the day-to-day operational battles. It includes Daily standing meetings, real-time communications & alerts, issue-based cross-functional huddles, faster executive decisions, and on the spot conflict resolution.

This unit has the thinking horizon of next 3-months to 24 months. It closely tracks customers, suppliers, competition, environment, and revises strategy & tactics. It also feeds ground-intelligence and trends to business units.

Change has to be quick and effective. This unit helps a company drive its top 5-7 strategic & urgent cross-functional projects. It will ensure co-ordination, conflict-resolution, sponsorship, and driving deadlines.

Real-time information is a lifeline for companies in war-mode. This unit specializes in enterprise-level reporting, analytics, alerts, and escalations. It ensures real-time track of operational parameters, publishes performance scorecards, and presents a single version of the truth.

We help make risk management, audit and financial control functions more empowered with wider-scope and more stringent guidelines (as applicable)