As companies evolve themselves into lean and efficient entities, with a strong focus on products, sales, and customer relations- they will be relying a lot more on their supply and service chains. Their operational model will be an aggregate of a wide-range of vendors providing different types and levels of value. We help you to devise an optimum supply-chain model to achieve the multiple objectives of efficiency, low-cost, variability, reliability, and quality.

We help you reduce costs of purchase to the next level, through wider vendor-base, aggressive negotiations, working with vendors to slash their cost, vendor's cost calculation based negotiation, supplying input material to vendors, and reverse auction. We help you create win-win deals with your suppliers for sustained and predictable supplies.

We support you in conducting closer scrutiny of critical suppliers' financial strength and current level of capacity utilization to ensure that his business will be able to withstand setbacks and shocks. You should be able to assess suppliers' capacity to invest in technology and production capacity up-gradation.

The new world order is unforgiving to quality & delivery failures and companies have to do it first time right. The first step in that direction is to tighten the incoming material quality checks (and intensify pre-shipment check at supplier-end), as there are risks of supplier cutting the corners to survive & compete. More than 50% of the quality and delivery issues can be traced back to faulty supplies.

We help you do closer scrutiny of supplier's readiness to deliver, in terms of his labor availability, vendors' suppliers capacity, and his ability to pay his sub-vendors and labor. You can do an assessment of the technical capabilities, design & tool room strength, and production line flexibilities. You need suppliers who can be agile in meeting constantly changing consumer demands.

The strength of supply-chain is mainly derived from strategic partnerships, where vendors and customers work hand-in-hand to make each other successful. We help you upgrade your vendor partnerships. This includes consulting on how to survive the crisis, helping them to reduce costs and building efficiencies, co-invest/lend on specific areas of improvement.